Gibson County Spotlight



Meander  through  the county  at  your  leisure,  guided  by  a free map  available  from  the  Gibson  County  Visitors  & Tourism Bureau

         The  vibrantly-colored patchwork  quilt blocks,  each one  a unique design, are located on  barns, buildings and poles in  all areas of Gibson County.           

They  may be  emphasizing  significant  architecture, local  history,  beautiful  landscapes  or  be just a wonderful  surprise around  the bend.  By  engaging  the community  and  visitors  alike, the quilt trail   provides  yet  another  reason  to  explore  Gibson  County  and  enjoy  its surrounding  beauty, culture  and  heritage.

                                  Pick  up  your  map,  at  the Gibson County  Visitors & Tourism Bureau,  located at                                                                    702 W. Broadway, in Princeton, Indiana.

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