April 11-13, 2014: The Broadway Players Present "Plaza Suite"

Directed by: Fred Hadley

Hilarity abounds in this portrait of three couples successively occupying a suite at the Plaza. A suburban couple take the suite while their house is being painted and it turns out to be the one in which they honeymooned 23 (or was it 24?) years before and was yesterday the anniversary, or is it today? This wry tale of marriage in tatters is followed by the exploits of a Hollywood producer who, after three marriages, is looking for fresh fields. He calls a childhood sweetheart, now a suburban housewife, for a little sexual diversion. Over the years she has idolized him from afar and is now more than the match he bargained for. The last couple is a mother and father fighting about the best way to get their daughter out of the bathroom and down to the ballroom where guests await her or as Mother yells, “I want you to come out of that bathroom and get married!”

Gibson County Fairgrounds

Tickets & Season Tickets available at:

Gibson County Visitors & Tourism Bureau
Princeton Train Depot
702 W. Broadway
Princeton, IN


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April 25, 2014: Southern Indiana Car Club Cruise In and Concert Series

April 25
Princeton, IN--Cruise-In at the Square. 5:30-9:30 pm. Downtown
Princeton. Door prizes, food and music. Southern Indiana Car Club.
Enjoy the music of
Dave Kunkel DJ

Downtown Princeton, Indianan

Alex Boxell
(812) 385-9139.

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September 26-28, 2014: The Broadway Players Present " The Drawer Boy"

A comedy/drama by Michael Healey

Directed by: Jessie Dyer

The Drawer Boy replays the adventures of a young actor from a theatre group who visits the rural home of two elderly bachelor farmers to “research” farm life for a new play. The two farmers, Morgan and Angus, have achieved a precarious balance in their lives together. Morgan, a tough-minded, stubborn man, cares for Angus, who has had brain damage and lost his memory during the bombing of London in the Second World War. Angus is initially identified as “the drawer boy” because he once designed buildings, and has the talents of an architect. Morgan calms and reassures Angus by retelling their story – of the two tall women whom they loved, and who came to live with them on the farm.

The young actor, Miles, learns that this story is fiction and that the truth is much sadder. It would, in fact, destroy their friendship. In the process of telling their story as a play, however, he reawakens Angus’s memory. Art becomes life. Miles is in effect the “drawer boy,” delineating and creating an alternative reality. As he tells Morgan, “We’re here to get your history and give it back to you.” The Drawer Boy is fundamentally about the power of storytelling in creating and interpreting reality, and how it can transform lives. This poignant, and often hilarious play, is story-telling at its best!!!!!

Gibson County Fairgrounds 4-H Activities Building
709 N. Embree St
Princeton, IN

Advance tickets only
Available at:
Gibson County Visitors & Tourism
located in the Princeton Train Depot
702 W. Broadway
Princeton, IN


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December 4-6, 2014: The Broadway Players Present" The Re-Gifters"

Christmas Dinner Theater

The Re-Gifters
A comedy by Robert Lynn

Directed by: Maria Weaver

When a couple “re-gifts” a not-so-great Christmas present, then finds out it’s worth a fortune, they will stop at nothing to get it back. But they’re not the only ones who re-wrapped it… In the mad pursuit to reclaim the gift, everyone who gave it away learns the value of a gift truly given.

Tickets for our dinner theater will go on sale at our September show. This all time favorite is always a sellout, so be sure to get your tickets early. Bring your staff and celebrate your office Christmas party with us.

Gibson County 4H Fairgrounds Activities Building
709 N. Embree St.
Princeton, Indiana 47640

There is limited seating, so get your tickets early. Tickets are available at the Gibson County Visitors & Tourism, located in the Princeton Train Depot @ 702 W. Broadway, Princeton, IN


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