Exploring the Country Roads of Gibson County

In the heart of Southern Indiana lies several charming small towns with an abundance of character and history. Take a step off the beaten path, explore the scenic countryside and discover your weekend getaway in Gibson County.

Home to Indiana’s largest barn quilt trail and peaceful outdoor experiences, Gibson County offers travelers a unique and relaxing experience in a beautiful part of Southern Indiana.

Barn Quilt Trail
Princeton, Indiana
With over 225-hand painted blocks adorning the landscape, the Gibson County Barn Quilt Trail provides the perfect opportunity to explore the countryside and discover the homespun beauty in the heart of southwestern Indiana.

The blocks, as big as 8 by 8 feet, are displayed on barns across the county. Each block is unique in its own way and presents its own pattern and distinctive coloring. The trail adds a touch of color to the serene countryside.

Follow the barn quilt trail guide and search for each pattern along the trail while visiting some of Gibson County’s must-see attractions along the way!

Patoka River National Wildlife Refuge
Oakland City, Indiana
Escape the stressors of the modern world and enjoy a peaceful day surrounded by nature at the Patoka River National Wildlife Refuge. Over 380 species of wildlife reside upon the refuge, including the nesting bald eagle and the endangered Indiana bat. The Refuge and its community work together to protect and restore these areas for the wildlife, so that it may flourish.

Spend the afternoon breathing in the fresh air and sharing space with wildlife. Whether you enjoy fishing, hunting, wildlife viewing, birding, paddling or hunting, there’s a unique adventure waiting for you at the Refuge.

Whatever adventure you decide to embark upon, it is sure to be a special one. You will find memorable and charming country roads in Gibson County, Indiana!